The Majority Of Women Trust Sex Is Fluid, But Won’t Date Men Who Is Had Sex With Men, Research Finds


recently carried out a sexuality review in March concern that polled over 1,000 women years 18 to 44 to find out their particular thoughts regarding
fluidity of sex
. Additionally the effects had been surprisingly contradictory. Although the study displayed and taken into account females of multiple sexual orientations — a good amount of who had got intimate experiences with other women, and the majority of of whom securely have confidence in sexual fluidity — an astounding
63per cent of them stated they’dn’t date a person who may have got gender with another guy


had Ritch C. Savin-Williams, Ph.D., movie director with the Sex & Gender Lab at Cornell college weigh-in in the conclusions. He explained, «This shows that these females retain the view that while women occupy an extensive spectral range of sexuality,


can be homosexual or right.»

One reason why


undertook this review was as a result of the millennial — and particularly millennial feminine — development toward maybe not labelling one’s sex. It indicated to
different female celebs
with not a problem becoming photographed from relaxed dates together with other ladies, and exactly who additionally cannot wish to mark their particular intimate identification to inquiring mass media outlets.

Its clear that improved presence of queer female sexualities is motivating non-famous ladies to enjoy their particular probably fluid destinations. Here are three significant findings for the survey:

1. 63percent Of Females Trust Sexual Orientation Can Alter

According to research by the survey, this reflects millennial ladies need not to ever be «boxed in.»

2. 47% Of Women Say They’ve Been Interested In Another Woman

That’s virtually

1 / 2

of females exactly who say they have experienced some kind of sexual desire for the next lady.

3. 31percent Of Women Proclaim They Will Have Had A Sexual Knowledge About Another Woman

Of the women:

  • 93 % stated they kissed
  • 85 % said they touched somebody’s tits or genitals
  • 63 percent reported receiving oral sex
  • 55 percent reported offering dental intercourse

So whatis the handle that 63 per cent exactly who nonetheless don’t date guys who’ve had intercourse with another guy? Doesn’t that mirror some contradictory viewpoints? Regrettably, so long as girl-on-girl motion continues to get unstigmatized by culture — mainly considering that the Male Gaze fetishizes it so difficult — women using a swim inside the woman pond will not be regarded as a threat on their «straightness,» or their own appeal to males, when they believe they’ve one somewhere. Generally, if a female exactly who men is actually keen on says she loves men, he’s going to believe this lady. The downside to this will be that women who


determine as actually keen on males usually have to handle males maybe not believing them. See: the inane «oh, you are only a lesbian since you haven’t had it great however» argument.

Men, on the other hand, aren’t as liberated to experiment or claim liquid sexualities, because guy-on-guy action continues to be very stigmatized. See: the notion that bisexuality among males is a «stepping stone» to coming out as «fully homosexual.»

Put simply, it appears as though having a penis involved is exactly what «legitimizes» the encounter to guys, and, in a patriarchal world, is therefore what legitimizes the experience societally.

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